Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eggewater Park Committeeman tells Resident to use Blog for Toilet Paper

Resident Mr. D. Robbins of Silver Park, was complaining about this blog during the public comment section of the Township Committee meeting last night. He was told by Committeeman Daly to "print the blog and use it for toilet paper". Mr Daly, a Sewer Authority Board Member (I am not a double dipper) should have known better; copy paper is not an approved paper for disposal into the sewer system. No wonder we have so many back-up on East Franklin! 
Of course Mr. Robbins also likes to comment on the blog and report back to the Mayor on what is said, like a good boy.

Other members of the Committee asked why Mr. Robbins bothered with the blog, that it is a waste of time. I think their comments are interesting because, they have certainly spent plenty of time reading the blog and also commenting on it. The following picture is a good representation of what this blog feels like to our Township Officials. 

I wish our Elected Officials spent the time managing our town and its Administrator/Clerk, instead of trying to discredit honest critics. But, I am afraid that the following picture demonstrates what they use our tax money for.

From my new hideout (I am really close Committee) I bid you to hold on to your wallet and don't use copy paper for toilet paper and keep an eye out for Elvis,

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


The Memphis Mafia said...

I can se it now Mayor Elvis singing her favorite songs from the “King” on her farewell tour of EP

A Fool such as I

A little less conversation,

Clean up your own backyard

Devil in disguise

Don't be cruel

Easy come, easy go


My wish came true

Puppet on a string

The bullfighter was a lady

The walls have ears

Too much monkey business

When it rains, it really pours

And lastly

And we’ll all be waiting for this one:
Until it's time for you to go

Anonymous said...

Who be the King? Mr. Robbins, or da Mayor Tom? Day both look da same.

Anonymous said...

I understand that a former Mayor, Township Committeeman, and Sewer Authority Member is pushing to get his wife a job in the Sewer Authority. Guess thats a wrap!

Anonymous said...

Why does EP have a Sewer Authority? Doesn't Willingboro control a lot of the sewage from EP? Why does EP have a "Board" for the Sewer Authority and are these paid positions on the "Board"?
Why is this board filled with politically active people?
Sounds "shady", looks like a big money waster, and smells of corruption.....among it's many smells.

Anonymous said...

Now we know that the committee does look at our blog. This last entry had to come from one of them. They have been trying for years to change the sewer authority from an autonomous body to a part of municipal government like public works. That way they have control over the money collected for sewerage.

To those uninformed, even though the members of the authority are appointed by committee, once in they are not under the CONTROL of the committee. The authority controls the money and uses it to maintain the sewer system. Give that money to the twp. government and see what will happen.

Not a puppet said...

Oh once appointed you don't even know that you've done what they wanted. The twp has total control. If they didn't, then the office would've never have moved. You are just their little puppet on a string. You just don't even know what's been done.

Anonymous said...

To June 19, 2008 3:02 PM

I posted the prior post about the questions about the sewer authority, and I am surely not on committee or the "ruling party". Your rather paranoid response implies to me that there is something "shady" going on at the sewer authority. I can tell you as a matter of fact (since YOU must be on this BS "Sewer Authority"), when you come down with "your" rate increase I WILL BE THE RESIDENT SUING TO STOP YOU. I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH EP CLOUT YOU THINK YOU HAVE, IT WILL MEAN NOTHING WHEN THE "LAW FIRMS" I KEEP ON RETAINERS GET YOU IN COURT.


robert dovey said...

Don't wait for the sewer tax increase, if you know as much as you imply, then file a complaint with the Prosecutors office now (609) 265-5035. You can also bring suit in Superior Court.
The damage is being done now that will cause a sewer rate increase next year. Go to the NEW SEWER OFFICE and request to see the check register, and invoices for this year as well as last year and compair. If you realy want a shocker, also compare 2005 to present. You only need to fill out an OPRA request to look at (not have copies made) the check register, budget and bill list and the Sewer Administrator must under State Law provide you access to any records you wish to see that are in the Office. He will try to put you off and if he refuses then you can file a complaint with the Government Records Council (609)292-6830. I believe this blog has a link to the Web Site.

Please don't wait, act now!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like YOU may know something Mr. Dovey?
Just a little reminder; if someone you know works (or worked) at a public entity, and they have knowledge of misuse of funds and do not report it, they can be charged under NJ conspiracy statues as well. They do not have to profit from the misuse to be charged.

R. Dovey said...


I can only assume that your last comment was intended to threaten me. Well, it didn't.

My prior comment of 6/20 was a response to a posted comment of 6/20, that implied the person writing it, was going to sue if the Authority raised the sewer rate and that THEY "knew more then you think".

I unaware of what ANONYMOUS knows, but I have attended many Sewer Authority Meetings over the past year, along with requesting copies of Authority correspondences and the 2007 Audit Report, to educate myself on the facts. I know how much the operating expenses went up last year and why. I also know from the approved bills for this year, that the Authority will exceed what they budgeted for 2008. Do you?

My suggestion was to try and educate and motivate more residents and taxpayers to get involved with how the Authority is being run. The Sewer Rate Payers, need to question the Authority Members, on the increased cost for outside services, legal cost and why, did the Authority members allow the Authority Office to be moved out of the Municipal Building, thus causing increased cost to both the Township Taxpayers and Sewer Authority Rate Payers.

As my last comment to your 6/21 post; HAVE THE BALLS TO SIGN YOUR NAME TO YOUR COMMENTS, if you want to take a shot at me. I hope to see you soon at a Sewer meeting.

If I have offended anyone with my comment I apologize.

r. Dovey said...

Thanks E.P. Reporter,
I did not think you would print my comment.

Not a puppet! said...

wow seems like a lot of readers don't know how to respond to Mr. Dovey now do they! Ahhha

Anonymous said...

N W O R = Not Worthy Of Reply

Anonymous said...

The Elvis doesn't much look like the Mayor but does resemble a November candidate.

Anonymous said...

Well, all I have to say about all this is that Mr. Daly's comment to Mr. Robbins shows me exactly the wasteful mentality that our local governing body must exhibit in their decision making process too. If this blog is, in his opinion is a waste of time why would you even think of wasting a good piece of copy paper and even print it out? Oh, that's right, condider the mentality of the source of the comment. That says it all; one of our uneducated committeepeople.

Not a puppet! said...

Aah but you did reply Mr. Internet slang of June 25, 11:39AM....guess u must b thinkin sumthin.

river Line Rat said...

I think you have 2 choices for Elvis; The resident who cried about the blog at the Township Council meeting last week, or our Township Committeeman who is the Finance Committee Chairman, who is crying about the tax increase being the fault of the State Governor.

bluesblogger said...


"N W O R", So typical of a coward, hide behind your mama's apron when you were a little kid? No you hide behind the "Anonymous" apron now that you are a LITTLE adult.
You need to grow a set, be a man and show your not afraid to make your statements and sign your name.
What a weenie!

Anonymous said...

I find Mr. Daly's comment very surprising. How could he have possibly made that comment, when he never attends committee meetings?
Did he mistakenly think that it was poker night, and showed-up by mistake?

Anonymous said...

Anybody that knows Mr. Daly and I don't mean know of him, I truly mean; know him, knows how full of "sewage" he really is. He will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear and it would take more than copy paper to wipe away the damage that he and his cohorts on committee and sewer board have already done to EP. The results of which won't be seen for a little while but can't be hidden forever; only until residents know that their sewer tax increased from wasteful spending, poor decision making and yielding to the political agenda of committee. The sewer board's lack of autonomy and leadership have worsened under its current chairman who is just Committee's puppet and "yes-man".

Anonymous said...

I guess Bluesblogger is your real name?
Just for the record, anyone that uses the term weenie is probably still wearing the apron.
Good luck Blueballs, or whatever you decide to call yourself this week.

Ryan said...

Just for the record, all of you are like a bunch of third graders!! Instead of bashing each other personally, why don't you try to write facts. I don't care what a November candidate looks like, only what is he/she going to do to help the town.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to nominate Ryan!!

Yay Ryan! I agree with you 100 percent!

Marie said...

The facts are, everyone appointed by the mayor is a puppet.

The facts are that the public employees that work for EP know more than they wish to speak for fear of losing their jobs.

The fact is that EP needs a desperate change.

The fact is, is that your pockets will be even more empty if possible.

The fact need to attend the meetings and ask questions and not settle for "i don't know."

The facts are to EP residents...wake the heck up and look at what is happening in your town. Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

so i see that the sewer authority is hiring! does that mean that now there will be 3 people in the office? for sure there go our taxes!

Anonymous said...

it should be chairman levay's article in the beverly bee that's used as toilet paper!!!