Thursday, June 5, 2008

Re-Elect Tom Pullion if you want more of this for Edgewater Park

At the June 3, Township of Edgewater Park Work Session, the following was presented to the Township Committee for Discussion; Presentation for Relocation and Development of Kove Catering (not part of the plans below) and an Age Restricted Condominium Housing Development:Block 502, Lot 12, Approx 15 acres.

You might ask, Whats wrong with Age Restricted Condominiums? Well as they found out in Silver Park, by law the owners of the condos can have children living with them and those children can go to our schools.

This development is in the Redevelopment Zone and is zoned for commercial use, not HIGH DENSITY HOUSING.
Just to note for the record; the Township Committee went into closed session prior to this presentation to discuss matters concerning the sale of land and development of public property and a Re-Development Agreement.

This information was taken from the Work Session Agenda for June 3, 2008.

The Edgewater Park Reporter


Me said...

Uh does anyone know why they are cutting down the trees along Cooper Street passed E. Franklin?

Anonymous said...

As Delanco will soon find out if they have not discovered this already, high density housing lowers overall property values, increases traffic & burdens on Municpal assets (like Police, Fire, EMS), and does nothing positive in the way of tax relief. Commercial development in an industrial park setting where the companies are ACTUALY PAYING TAXES (unlike Burlington Coat Factory) and good fiscal responsibility is the ONLY way to lower the tax burden.
Their plan for high density housing will ONLY fill more seats for the Cafeteria Authority to control.

Anonymous said...

to put in the new sidewalks and curbs

Anonymous said...

The part of Cooper St that the immigrant tree removal firm cut down trees, had sidewalks and curbs. Did the towmship check the green cards of the employees working for the tree removal company? I am suprised that there was no one involved in an accident with the way they were directing traffic and cutting the tree branches and letting them fall as cars were driving by.
What I am real curious as to why they are removing the trees in the center island of West Franklin and have the street marked as if the are going to re-do it. Didn't West Franklin get redone several years ago? Why are we spending money on this street when my section has never had a street repaved except for Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

The twp recieved a grant to do cooper street & part of West Franklin. On W. Franklin they are redoing the 1st 2 islands. They are not repaving w. franklin. I think they are going to be putting up light posts as well on Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Shortly our town is going to be named the treeless township. Why in a time of energy concerns are we removing all those trees? Are they planning to put light post down the street like they did along the coat factory section? If so, I hope they do a better job, The light poles along the coat factory section would have looked better if they moved the telephone poles! The effect is lost!!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the Beverly Bee is no longer delivered. It only cost $700.00 a mailing.........just think if the adminstrator had used her brain....the township could have used the sewer authorities rent money to pay for the mailings......again the residents lose our sewer tax will go up and we have lost another nice addition to our town.

Anonymous said...

The Township is only installing 4 street lights. The grant was given to the town 4 years ago and the township sat on it, because they wanted to change the focus from Cooper St to W. Franklin where friends of the township officials live. Theyt didn't need to spend the grant money on W. Franklin, thats why they are only redoing Cooper St. from the railroad to Framklin. Don't we need sidewalks on the second block of Cooper St? The new street lights by the Coat Factory were installed by the Factory not the township as a compromise for the factory not doing what was agreed to when they got their zoning agreement. If you want your street redone you need to be a friend of the elected council or have a councilman live on your street. They don't care if every homeowner knows this because the apartment people will vote for them no matter what they do. Thats why they want more apartments and condo projects built. They can't lose.

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say about those of us who live in Multi-family dwellings? Are you somehow superior to us? I pay my mortgage and my taxes. I do the best that I can for my family, and did not have a choice in the matter because this is the best I could afford for my first home. I think you can take your remark and shove it because those of us that live in the apartments and condos are just trying to do what everyone else is, the best for ourselves and our families.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say homeowners are superior, just more aware of how this group of township officials has mismanaged our township and the results are the large tax increases we have had to pay. You on the other hand do not see the effect of this missmanagement untill the apartment owner raises your rent because of the tax increase. You blame the Apartment Owner for the increase, not the township officials.
I lived in an apartment for my first home and realize that you are trying to do the best for your family, but you need to stop blindly voting for this group of elected officials, because if you keep doing it, your rents will continue to increases due to the tax increases, and you will find it even more difficult to buy your own home.
Just check the margens of votes for this group of elected officials in the 3 voting districts with apartments. It is why they take you fore granted!!!!!!!
Get smart and vote for a change

The Edgewater Park Reporter said...

As Forrest Gump said;

"Stupid is as stupid does"

Do you get it?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone attend the sad ceremony on Memorial Day at the cemetery? What a shambles, no one knew what they were doing, tape recorded music, dumb remarks by elected officials (Bev & EP) with the cemetery director actually apologizing. Local American Legion was left out, thank goodness for Herb Kearns & Vince Byrnes! No help from either town & rumor was EP withheld money yet called it the Bev/EP parade. They had to cancel 2 bands because of lack of EP's money. 1 band was suppposed to be at the cemetery that morning.
So how do we know about stuff going on in EP if the Bev Bee isn't delivered? Trash day change? special events? Local club events? So where do we pick up the Bee? Oh, check the Bev Bee for where to pickup your Bee.... HUH???
What a bunch of bumbling idiots!

Anonymous said...

REF: Memorial Day post
After reading your post I was even more disgusted with the Mayors of EP & Bev. IT IS THE MAYOR'S JOB TO BE A LEADER, AND TO PROVIDE DIRECTION. Maybe it is time that we recall both mayors?
People, you need to wake-up and get into panic mode. The current situation in EP is going to get worse very quickly as the affects of the "artificial" oil shortage continues to burden EVERY American. If you think things look bad now, just wait till 2009. Banks are not interested in lending money for commercial development now, so we missed the building boom of the last six years to "properly" develop this town. We are now left with making due with what we have, and unfortunately we do not have the people in place to manage this situation.
This is what happens when you allow a "clerk" administrator to run a town.
To end on a positive note, I hear we will all be allowed to use the Cafeteria Authority's soup kitchen in 2009. Bring your own saltines.

Anonymous said...

To the person who is offended by negative comments about high density housing and the burden placed on the town.

We have a long history here with this type of housing. Developers have told us repeatedly that there will be no need for services other than fire and police, that the develpoment will "take care" of its own streets,trash collection, snow removal, the "restricted" developments won't impact our schools, etc.

GUESS WHAT-After this type of housing was allowed by most municipalities in the State a law suit was brought by the residents of these developments and the court decided that all the associations must be reimbursed by the municipality for the costs.
What was presented as a benefit to the town financially just became an added burden

Our taxes have increased not gone down.Thats why most residents who have lived here while all the multi-family building has gone on are opposed to such development.

hats why most of the residents who have lived here while all the multi-family building has happened are opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

Haven't most of the multifamily developments been here since the late 60's early 70's? courtyards (irongate), arbor green and edgewater manor (phoenix, cooper valley village, gatehouse, cooperstown, & woodlane crossings(edgewater beach). Isn't silver park west the only new multi family development in the past 30 years?

Maybe the apartments may vote democrat but isnt that their right? Do you really think by blaming the multifamily housing that you are going to get them swayed to the other side? What are you doing to inform? This blog though very informative I take it for what it is, a way for people to voice concerns that although are well intention are sometimes misleading. I don't think anyone intentionally lies I think they honestly believe everythong they write but it is not always the informed and total truth.

I guess my point is I want change, I am a democrat, I have voted for some of these people on committee, I don't hate them, I don't hate you but I want change. I am asking for help on how make effect that happen. I want to know if there is anybody else who wants that change enough to work at it and not just complain?

A local businessman said...

We have the Jamestown area and the Peach orchard area and also Framingham area in the past 30 years thats more than enough. I guess it's like hiring more employee's than your payroll can handle. A municipality is like a run it like you want a profit, not a loss.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to help you with ways to change, but I have to go change my party affiliation so I can blindly vote as a democrat so as not to disrupt the superior people in the single family dwelling's impression of those of us who BOUGHT condos..

A Local Businessman said...

We also have those new big homes off of Perkins lane that have been built over the past few years. Nothing or nobody is lowering our taxes.

Anonymous said...


Here are a couple facts that might be of interest:
NJ has been one if the highest, if not the highest residential taxer in the country for decades (I know you know this, but keep reading), but the key component is NJ uses the highest percentage of residential tax income for spending as well. In other words, real estate taxes basically support the state. That is NOT how the majority of the rest of the states operate, and we all can see it does not work well in the long run.
Commercial industry, and less corruption is how many other states manage to function at a much more efficient level then NJ. EP is set-up with the same model as NJ as a whole. UNFORTUNATELY, IT DOES NOT WORK.
We need a "real business park", less "low income housing", and more upscale single family homes. That will increase the tax base, while reducing the burden on our municipal infrastructure. Every apartment complex adds to our worst tax revenue waster- school taxes. Schools operate with an open checkbook, with "other people's money."
The Beverly waterfront has been sitting waiting to get dredge spoils dumped on it, because nobody has shown the intensity & leadership to get a redevelopment project moving forward.
Has anyone bothered to fill-out the NJ Redevelopment funding kit to apply for state aide in Beverly?
Like a said in a previous quote, the status quo will not change if you keep electing people that represent the "status quo."

condoqueen said...

I think that the tax collector spends to much time responding to comments on this blog.

Apt. dwellers continuing to vote for the people who cause their rents to go up each year because of the tax increases, shows a lack of knowledge, the fact you are being taken advatage of. Condo owners do pay taxes directly and know how much their taxes increased when they get the green tax card each year.
Apartment residents, stop being taken fore granted! Send your municipal elected officials a message; your mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Vote for a change of elected officials.

Anonymous said...

The developer of this project has all kinds of projects up and down Route 130. Very few of them are successful