Monday, January 21, 2008

45th Street Pub (formally Otts Edgewater Park)

I overheard this morning, several C&C Deli regulars talking about the 45th Street Pub. They were very pleased with the food. 
They said the menu is temporary one and the new owners will be making changes to the menu The location of the bar and the table layout will be changed so that more seating will be available. 
Maybe we will finally have a restaurant worth going to in EP.
Send your comments about the menu, food, service, atmosphere and prices. Stay tuned!!!  


averagejoe said...

Their food is very good. The crowds are growing and newer faces have been seen. The owners & manager are very friendly. Come on out and help our local business grow and be successful. They have many plans for the inside to change the look. Don't forget to come out on February 16th to hear "JustUs".

averagejoe said...

Come out on Saturday,February 16th to hear "JustUs" for their second appearance at the 45th Street Pub.

PhillyFan said...

Go out Feb. 9 for my Birthday

Anonymous said...

This place is gonna be great when its finished! Friendly staff, good atmosphere, good food, Wed night kareoke, a new crowd, tons of specials & great regular prices, and big plans for expansion. I'm excited to have a place we can be proud of.