Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Edgewater Park Trash and Taxes

Today being trash day and as I was racing to get my trash can out to the curb before the trash truck passed me buy, I wondered why our town required two pickups a week. 

When I put the trash  out on Friday (2nd pickup) I only need to take out one small kitchen bag. This doesn't require me to bring the trash can back to the house or for me to look for it because the wind has blown it down the street, but gave me time to reflect on the cost of this second pick up. I know that several towns have two pick ups during the summer because leftover seafood scraps fermenting in your trash, can make life nearby a bit unpleasant, but do we have that problem in the winter. I don't think so.

This brings me to my point. If the town schedules two trash days in the summer and just one trash day in the winter instead of the two days for the whole year wouldn't the town save money?

This may also encourage more families to recycle and that will also save the town money because the amount of trash taken to the land fill would be less.

This is just one idea that I have to save money and keep our property taxes from increasing so dramatically.

Post your money saving ideas so that our elected officials and administrator can see them. I know that they are reading this blog because of the 4 votes that our taxes are not to high.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


EP Resident said...

I have too much trash for there to be only one collection a week. I like having the trash picked up twice a week. Obviously, you don't have a large family living in your house.

Edgewater Park Reporter said...

Edgewater Park Resident, I do have a large family by todays standards (5). We just try and keep our trash under control. When our town had 1 pick up in the winter and 2 in the summer several years ago, I do not recall any of my neighbors or friends in town complaining. I think if you check with the towns in the county where the residents have to pay a trash fee, they only have 1 pick up a week. If our local property tax is reduced by doing this isn't it worth it?