Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trucks and Cooper St Rt 130 Intersection

I was waiting at the stop light in the South bound lane of Rt 130 at Cooper St tonight and watched as two Jevic tractor trailers ran the red light as they were turning onto 130 south from Charleston Rd (Willingboro). 

I hope that the repair work on Beverly Rancocas Rd in  Willingboro gets finished very soon because of the truck traffic now using Charleston Rd to get from I295 to Rt 130.

I also think that the Police Depts of Willingboro and Edgewater Park need to watch the running of the light at that intersection so that no one gets hit.

I hope that you use caution when approaching that intersection.

One item in addition; please take note of the new link ( added today. It will take you to the Sunshine law pdf page. This link was passed on to me by a reader, thanks to Black Addler.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


John said...

A new state law creating a red-light camera pilot program was passed in the Lame Duck legislative session. Municipalities can apply to for permission to install red-light cameras at intersections.

In their application, municipalities must identify intersection(s) they want to install cameras on, and provide evidence that a high violation rate exists at the intersection and the yellow light is sufficiently long.

Red-light cameras have worked in NYC and Philadelphia. In 2004, NYCDOT found that intersections with red-light cameras saw a 10% overall reduction in collision-related injuries and a 19% decline in pedestrian injuries over six years. Philadelphia saw a 96% decline in Red Light runners along Roosevelt Blvd (US1)

Anonymous said...

The wawa intersection is another bad one. the jevic trucks are always blowing through that light, and most mornings you will get a car or two behind the trucks that will go through the red light with them.