Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Update

This blog will be under construction for the next week. I will be adding photos of town and links to sites that will provide additional information on the thoughts expressed in this blog.
Your feedback would be welcomed.

Edgewater Park Reporter 


E. Franklin Guy said...

What town does the moron that voted are taxes are not high live in?

Must not be Edgewater Park, I'm paying more than ever and it's hard to pay the tax bills on my fixed income.

Maybe it was our administrator whose hired and assistant to the assistant in her office?

Thomas Paine said...

In 2000, the municipal tax rate was .607,

Now it .931 with an additional .01 being diverted for stuff I never voted for.

The Open Space tax is for Open Space right?? Not in Edgewater Park, where Mayor Judy "Hall-acious Taxes" comes up with these tax schemes.

So that comes to a 55% increase in taxes between then and now. I'm certainly not making enough to keep up. How about you?

You know, that's democrats for you. Never saw a tax increase they didn't like.