Sunday, January 27, 2008

Edgewater Park 2008 Budget

You have a chance to do something about the rising property tax in Edgewater Park.

The Township Committee should be working on the 2008 municipal budget. The only budget information they would be waiting for, is the amount of State Aid that the town can expect this year.

If your upset with your property tax increases, you need to attend the two monthly Township Committee Meetings (1st and third Tuesdays) and ask to see the 2008 budget. Also ask to look to at the 2007 budget, to see what the increases were for each department. This should help you in understanding the 2008 budget. 

Remember this committee except Kevin Johnson & Donna Atzert who are new to committee, will not except responsibility for the tax increases since 2001. Each year they blame someone or something else for the large increases and made them raise your taxes.

The only way this Township Committee is going to stop the runaway spending, is for you the taxpaying public to demand answers on the budget. Right now is the time to get involved. You work too hard for your money and you should expect our elected officials and administration to treat the township budget as they treat their own budget at home.

Remember you are allowed to ask questions at township meetings, do not be intimidated or put off. You will find that if you ask a tough question of the Mayor, Administrator or the longer serving committee members, you will find your question answered with silence.  This can be unnerving in a public meeting and is a way of intimidating you and using your alloted 3 minutes to ask a question. The 3 minute time limit was instituted several years ago by the committee when they were asked tough questions.

I will follow up and post the budget when it becomes available.

The Edgewater Park Reporter 


preacher said...

Wow, you certainly have described how the public is treated by Mayor Hall, when they dare and question something at a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Try and ask why the Township Clerk's salary is more than the Township Administrator Salary and why is the two positions held by the same person. Bet you don't get an answer.

Black Adder said...

Just a quick link that may come in handy at Township meetings in the "Park" print it out and take to the meetings.